20% off All Heat Pump orders in August

To help our customer old and new with the cost of running a Hot Tub or Swim Spa, we are offering a 20% discount on all Air Source Heat pump ordered in August 2022. This includes installation in Cornwall.

Adding an Air Source Heat Pump to your Hot Tub or Swim Spa can save up to 70% on your electrical usage. Plus you can massively reduce your heat up and reheat times.

Our best selling model, the DuraPro 12 will heat a 8ft square Hot Tub from cold to Hot in around 5 hours. And it only draws 1.5kw per hour.


This is 1/2 of what a standard 3kw heat will use. A 3 kw heater on an 8ft square spa will take around 20 hours from cold to your ideal temp.

Remote control and integration

Add the Gecko in.grid and in.touch2 for complete integration into your American Whirlpool or other Tubs using Gecko equipment.

ingrid overview en
in.touch 2

The Maths!!!

A unit of electric (kwH) is currently 28p.
Your 3kw heater will used 3 x 28p per hour. 84p per hour.
If you spa runs for 20 hours to warm up it will cost you £16.80

The Spa will runs as it needs to during the day and night to recoup lost heat.
Say it runs for 4 hours over a 24 hour period with will cost you £3.36.
So with adding in the cost of running your pumps for heating and usage, you could be up around £5 per day to run the spa!!


The DuraTech will use 1.5kw per hour 42p per hour.
It will get the 8ft square spa hot in 5 hours and cost £2.10
Heat up saving of approx £14.70

The Spa runs for reheat and standard use for the same time as above, cost would be £1.68 per day. But the heat pump heats the water in less than 1/2 the time so this cost should reduce down to 84p per day.


Initial Fill and heat up – SAVE £14.70
4 times a year water changes – SAVE – £58.80
Daily SAVING £2.88
Per 7 days SAVING = £20.16
Per 365 day (year) SAVING = £1,048.32

Total approximate SAVING for the year with a DuraTech 12kw Heat pump

Payback time on investment 3 years.

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