Physician Design Zone Therapy

American Whirlpool 400 Series exclusive


Trigger points in the area where the neck meets the back of the head is a common cause of headaches. The Comfort Collar® gently cradles your head while targeting this area.


Trigger points can contribute to pain across the shoulders, and upper back.An array of jets target these sensitive areas, providing an improvement in blood circulation and gently dissolving away the feeling of tension.


Increased tension in the back muscles on either side of the spine can be linked to many medical conditions.
An effective combination of jets provides soothing stimulation for incredible full body relief.



Aching lower back pain is something most of us will experience. Back pain is linked to excess tension in muscular trigger points in the lower back.
The swirling motion of the jets provides a massage to the lower back to loosen your knots of tension and bring relaxing relief.


Sitting can lead to increased tension in muscular trigger points surrounding the hips and upper thighs. Jets positioned at the sides of the seat bring you a stimulating massage to dissolve tension in these muscles.

Foot Relief Zone©

Many important nerve endings in the feet connect to all parts of your body. Sore and tired feet can affect how we feel all over.
The ingenious Foot Relief Zone
® targets the upper and lower parts of the feet with streams of water that provide a complete massage for relaxation throughout the body.



The proprietary TheraMAAX® Jets utilize a scientifically designed grill surrounding the nozzle of the jet. This grill reduces drag on

moving parts and cohesion of the jet stream. The TheraMAAX® design maximizes performance and improves the massaging action.
The three spoke stainless steel escutcheon provides a textured landing for your fingers. This natural shape and position of the landing area makes it easy to adjust the power of the jet.

® we know comfort. For over 40 years we have designed the worlds most comfortable hot tubs thanks to patented features like the zero gravity Performance SeatTM and Zone Therapy®. Seats are specifically molded to fit a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the one that’s right for you. Based on years of research and design across industries that create products to fit the human form, your
hot tub has been engineered to scientifically balance ergonomic support, water pressure, jet position and body buoyancy. Deep immersion seating provides ultimate comfort, while armrests and Foot Relief Zones
to mold to your body.


Performance SeatingTM means AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® has the most comfortable spas in the industry. Each seat is designed to provide full body immersion with proper posture, in harmony with their respective jetting pattern, for comfort and superior jet perfor- mance. Built-in Comfort Collars®cradle your head while side bolsters hold your body in an ergonomic position. The shape and dimensions of each seat are designed to the curvature of the spine which provides correct posture, reducing stress on your lower back.