Hekla Cube Sauna 210




210cm Long Outdoor Cube Sauna

Finance example

Deposit £1,000 – 36 months @ £185.71 per month – APR 9.9%
40 mm thermo spruce frame
2 x metal frame bands
2 x sauna room aspen benches
2/3 foundation beams
Sauna ventilation valve
Sauna door, 8 mm tempered glass
Thermo aspen flooring duckboard
Full glass front panel
1/2 panoramic window (back wall)
2 x LED lights with switch
Roof shingles
6.8kw Electric Heater with stones £899
9kw Electric Heater with stones £1,099
Wood Burner with Chimney Set £1,699

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Why choose the Hekla Cube Sauna 210?


Our saunas have been inspired by nature using Baltic sauna traditions. They have been built with natural materials in a sustainable way.

Each of our saunas have been designed to improve wellness, encourage relaxation, spend quality time with loved ones and lead happier, healthier and more tranquil lives.

Our cube saunas are very popular due to their unique shape. With the huge glass panel window, you can enjoy stargazing the night sky, watching the sunset or rise or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s the perfect getaway for me time or to relax with friends and family.


Hekla saunas are built with Thermowood which is 100% natural. The heat treatment process is chemical-free and the improved performance is achieved simply by the controlled application
of heat and steam.
Our wood material is certified Nordic Spruce which is sourced from Northern European forests and grown with sustainable practices. Thermally modified Nordic Spruce is aesthetically pleasing wood material that is significantly more durable and stable than conventional timber.
Roof shingles are also provided on the roof to protect the sauna and increase the insulation.


The Cube 210 model is available with a Narvi NS900 heater or Wood Burning Stove.

We recommend using Narvi for both heating options. All Narvi products are Key flag products, meaning they are designed and made in Finland.

Wood burning stove

The Narvi NC 16 wood burning stove is distinguished by its simple and timeless design.
The large volume of the stones and the durable construction ensure an aesthetically pleasing design. Despite its impressive size, the stove does not need a lot of firewood to heat up.
The fire chamber has a novel form that ensures a more efficient and cleaner combustion.
The fire chamber was designed to be environmentally friendly and even to make sure that the stove complies with compulsory CE marking requirements.
The stove casing is painted in black and it has a matching cast iron glass door also in black, a black frontal panel of the ash box and a steel frame around the stones section.
The stove has adjustable feet for effortless and proper installation. The stove comes with a pipe for rear connection to the chimney. The chimney connection can also be implemented
from the top of the stove but for this you will need a separate connection pipe.

Electric heater option
We recommend a choice of two electric heater options from Narvi:
Narvi NS900 heater
This is an electrical sauna heater and has been designed for easy usage and durability.
The sauna heater has been manufactured with high quality materials. It is available in black.
The diameter of a heating element of electrical heaters made by Narvi is exceptionally big (8.5 mm). This extends the lifetime usage of a heating element and significantly reduces the
risk of overheating.
Narvi Smooth heater
The large Narvi Smooth is a completely new electrical tower heater by Narvi. The stylish design, easy installation and the soft “löyly” (the name for the evaporating hot steam that rises from the stove after water has been carefully thrown on top of them) makes this an excellent choice.
The great stone capacity provides a pleasent sauna experience and it can be installed in the corner to save space.
Technically the Smooth is slightly different from other Narvi models as it is easier to place and change the sauna stones. Narvi Smooth comes with an external control unit which is easy to use.

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Cornish Hot Tubs - Finance Calculator

Please use the calculator below to see how affordable Hot Tub Finance. 

Cornish Hot Tubs has teamed up with V12 Retail Finance and can offer a range of attractive finance arrangements.