Hose Pipe Ban

We may soon see a Hose pipe ban come into effect.

Please see latest update from BISHTA.

BISHTA continues discussions with Water UK (and through them, with Defra and the water companies), but it appears for now that the information passed on by our industry (and other industries using water) back in 2012 remains largely in place today.

During the water Temporary Use Bans, a number of activities that involve water usage can be prevented from using a hosepipe, or fixed plumbing, although the use of handheld containers, such as buckets, would still be permissible. Although swimming pools and paddling pools are included in the list of items that can be banned from using a hosepipe, hot tubs are not included in the list of prohibited activities, so they can be filled or topped up when appropriate.

BISHTA would, however, recommend that, where possible, hot tub and spa owners play their part to help conserve water; please use this link to view BISHTA’s tips.

So if you have a new Hot Tub, need to top up and existing Tub or carry out a water change, you can continue to do so as required.
Unfortunately this is not the same if you have a Swim Spa, Pool or paddling pool. These can not be toped up or refilled during a Hose Pipe Ban.

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