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All Hot Tubs require a 240V electrical service, and must be connected to a circuit breaker. This circuit breaker must be protected by a RCD. Please consult with a licensed electrician on the installation of a dedicated 240V electrical service.
Amperage requirements for the Hot Tub / Swim Spas range from 16-50 amps. Our team will advise you on which is correct for your Hot Tub or Swim Spa.

General rule.
1 Pump system with small heater = 13amp supply
2 Pump system = 20amp supply
2-3 Pump system = 32amp supply
3+ = 40 or 50 amp supply

All supplies must be installed to current regulations.
We can supply details of electrical contractors ro assist you.

This can vary depending on the Hot Tub’s electrical requirements, length of cable run and other factors.

One average you should be looking for a simple 32amp supply around £4-500.

We have a great team of contractors who can quote you for any electrical work.

All Hot Tubs are designed for indoor and outdoor use.
Make sure the installation site is completely level and can support the filled weight of the spa. At some point a technician may have to remove the equipment panel(s) to service your spa so make sure there is ample space to access the primary equipment panels.
For indoor use, make sure the entry way is wide enough for the spa to go through when turned on its side.
Our team will advise you on positioning and access when your site survey is carried out.

The can vary depending on how much you want to have done.

We can offer anywhere from a full landscaping service or just a concrete base for the Hot Tub to sit on.

A 2.1m square, 120mm thick concrete base should cost around £3-400.

All of our hot tubs can be filled using a garden hose. They are also equipped with a drain valve that can be connected to a garden hose when draining your spa. There are auto filling systems available, please consult one of technical team if you require this option.

More pumps equal more jets and more hydrotherapy for your body. However more pumps will also require a higher circuit breaker rating. Be aware that some manufactures refer to Air Blowers and Circulation pump and Jet Pumps. A jet pump is a dedicated 2, 3 or 4hp Pump designed to provide water throughput to a number of Jets. The Bigger the pump size and the more you have the more jets your Hot Tub or Swim Spa can have.
Circulation or twin speed pumps are used for filtration and Air Blowers offer a different type of hydro therapy but tend to cool the water and are only really needed if your Hot Tub has a low jet count of is down on power.

Install your spa on a smooth, level surface which can support the weight of the spa when filled with water and people.
Filled weights (excluding people) are available on our website.
We recommend a 4″ (120mm) concrete base for Hot Tubs and a 6″-8″ (200mm) Steel reinforced concrete base for Swim Spas.
Our technical team can advise on greater detail.

The serial number is printed on a nameplate located on the right side panel. It is on the bottom toward the front (or equipment) side of the spa. It is important that you write down the serial number in your Owner’s Manual for future reference.
There are a number of factors that will influence your electricity costs which you can discuss with our team.
These include: spa size, frequency of use, weather conditions, local energy costs, and how you program your spa settings.
As a general rule we advise around 80p – £1.50 per day for a Hot Tub and £2 – 3£ per day for a Swim Spa, but this can vary across the range and is effected by usage and position.

Maintaining proper water balance is the key to keeping the water sparkling clean. Most of our customer use either chlorine or bromine chemicals to treat the water and we can provide you specific instructions for their use during the hand over of your Hot Tub or Swim Spa. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for maintaining the water balance. It is important that you regularly check the water chemistry to maintain proper balance. Sometimes, due to usage, the water chemistry becomes difficult to balance. If this occurs, we recommend draining the spa and refilling with fresh water.

There are alternatives to Chlorine or Bromine with a lot of our customers choosing Ozone plus UV systems and Oxygen tablets.

We recommend you drain you Hot Tub every 3-4 months. Swims Spa should be drained and refilled annually.

The spa surface should be cleaned when the spa is drained.
Simply use a soft damp cloth or sponge with a mild detergent solution to wipe the surface.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on your spa. Be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly before refilling the spa to prevent suds from forming or water balance issues.

Your Hot Tub filter (Cartridge filter) show be clean / rinses one a week.
Its does depend on the amount of use the Hot Tub is receiving.

To clean your filters simple remove from the Hot Tub and use a Hosepipe under pressure to clean the debris from the filters pleats.
A Cartridge and filter clean can also be used to degrease the filters. Please user the filter is rinsed prior to using Cartridge cleaner.

There are many filter cleaning derives on the market.

Take a look at the accessories section on our web-shop for more information.

All jets can be turned on/off individually. To turn on the jet, rotate the jet counterclockwise until it stops. Rotate the jet clockwise until it stops to turn it off.

Today the terms are interchangeable. Originally, the “hot tub” became popular in the 60s when tubs were made from any kind of wood barrel or vat that would allow a hot soak. The term “spa” arose in the 70s when the process for vacuum forming acrylic sheets made the modern hot tub possible. We suggest using the term that inspires your personal picture of utter relaxation. Entertaining friends who want to party? It’s “hot tub” time. Using hydrotherapy to massage an aching back? Tell everyone you’ll be in the “spa”.

Jacuzzi is one of the best know brand names, a Jacuzzi is also known as a Hot Tub or Spa.

This varies from model to model. The Smallest Hot Tub will take 750 liters and the larger Swim Spas are up around 11,500.

Hot Tub There are proven benefits of spa use as a therapeutic treatment for some injuries and conditions, for stress relief, and as a sleep aid. Additionally, many people find the social aspect of hot tub ownership to be a worthwhile benefit on its own!

Swim Spa Swim Spa or exercise pools offers the same benefits as a Hot Tub but also allow exercise. Our in.fit range offer many forms of aquatic exercise including Swimming, aqua aerobics, resistance training, rowing plus many more.

Cornish Hot Tubs will help you focus on the factors you find important in a spa which may include:

Number of people who will use the spa
Your goals for hydrotherapy or entertainment
The space and setting available for your spa
Your budget and your financing options
Comparisons between competitors design and manufacturing processes, warranties, and the look and feel of their spas.
Take the plunge and do a “wet test”, which is offered at out site at Carnon Downs or in may other privite location around the west country. We encourage you to bring in information from competitors and go through it and compare with us so we can show you why our products are superior.

It depends on the model and on your personal taste for using the available space in the tub. It also depends on whether your seating configuration includes loungers or recliners. Our spas general accommodate from 1-2 people up to about 8 people. This information is available on our website. Our sales team will help to advise on the best product for you.

In anticipation of a wet environment and with all our years experience with hot tubs, we have designed your spa using equipment which is highly water-resistant. We don’t recommend intentionally drowning your stereo with a garden hose, but it will certainly continue to perform well under very wet conditions. With the introduction of Bluetooth connections some spa no longer have music systems you can get we. We have integrated the music systems into the topside control panel with the use of Bluetooth!

Please download our Hot Tub Handbook and water management guide.

If you have any questions please give us a call.

Hot Tub guide and water management

I you have ordered a Hot Tub you may want to reference our Pre Delivery guide.

Please download the relevant guide.

Pre Delivery Guide 13 Amp Hot Tub
Pre Delivery Guide 20 Amp Hot Tub
Pre Delivery Guide 32 Amp Hot Tub