Making Family Time With A Hot Tub In Cornwall

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Let’s get social! Hot tubs are a great choice for families to get together, have some fun or simply relax.

What’s better than enjoying a hot tub in the Cornish countryside? Even if it is just your garden!

We have teamed up with Cornish Hot Tubs to provide you with a little insight into the joys of a family hot tub.

From improving your relationships to having a space to escape to – a hot tub can create so many benefits for your family home right here in Cornwall.

Get the family together

A hot tub is a perfect chance to build upon relationships and spend some quality time together.

You can have a hot tub inside or outdoors, making it the perfect place to join each other at the end of the day.

Being social and spending time together is so important for your wellbeing and happiness. A hot tub makes this possible, without all those distractions such as the television.

Not only is it great for your immediate family, this is also a great chance to get social with friends and extended family members you haven’t seen in a while.

You can connect with loved ones, and create a bond by having deep and meaningful conversations. And let’s face it; the sofa isn’t nearly as fun as a hot tub in the back garden!

Your hot tub can be your main meeting place after a busy day at work or school. Creating a space to unwind and find a little stress relief among friends or for some alone time.

Cornish Hot Tubs

Remove yourself from technology

We all have busy schedules, which means it can be hard to switch off. This is even more difficult when we have technology by our side for most of the day. It can be so hard to remove yourself from your mobile or television screen.

But what about physical conversation? Let’s have some real life social interaction!

A hot tub allows you to step away from the screen, to give you the chance to spend quality time with the people who matter most.

A hot tub can be a great form of entertainment and is much more beneficial to your health than sitting in front of the television. Although binge-watching a television show may sound like a heavenly evening, just you wait until you experience a hot tub outside in the fresh air!

If technology is a passion of yours, and you don’t want to escape it – with Cornish Hot Tubs you can now combine the two! They have a range of hot tubs where you can play music through your hot tub and manage the jets through your phone.

Cool huh?

Improve your social life – it’s party time!

A hot tub is a great excuse to throw a party or have a family gathering. It almost feels like an indulgent treat! Invite loved ones around, enjoy food, drink and of course each other’s company.

This gets you out of the house – where the real fun can begin!

Entertainment in the winter

Bored in the winter? You don’t have to be anymore!

With a hot tub, this gives you a great reason to get outside, be social and have fun. You can invite family members around and enjoy the fresh air in the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to tell them to bring their swimming costume, or they might get a little chilly!

Create an outdoor experience at home

Make your outside space a welcoming and inviting one!

With a hot tub, this creates a space for your family and friends to enjoy. You want this to be a relaxing spot that you can’t wait to get home to.

Think about flowers, garden ornaments, furniture, seating and possible heating for those who decide not to join you in the tub.

You can make it your own little space of zen and tranquillity!

Improve your fitness

Having a hot tub or a swim spa is also a great way to improve your fitness.

We have discussed how a hot tub can have therapeutic benefits, and can be a great stress reliever after a long day. To read more, head to this post on The Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs.

Also, if you are an athlete, or need to give your muscles some healing time – a hot tub can speed the process of recovery and relieve the strain on muscles and joints.

Not only this, the temperature and massaging jets allow your body to improve your circulation among other benefits.

It is a great addition to anyone’s home and for any age. For elderly people, a hot tub provides a place to relieve aching joints and improve on fitness levels and general well-being.

Great space for your children

It’s fantastic to get the kids out of the house, off their computers and enjoy a little family time. This small break can make such a difference and they may find it an entertaining alternative to playing computer games.

There are hot tubs available with seats at different heights.  A “cool off seat” would allow a child to sit higher in the water and avoid full body immersion within the water.

Setting a lower water temperature is also advisable when children are using a spa.

It is important they remain hydrated and do not use the spa for prolonged periods of time.

But most importantly, please supervise your child within the hot tub at all times.

Cornish Hot Tubs can advise you further on the guidelines for allowing children to use a hot tub and also help you to select the perfect spa to suit your family.

Cornish Hot Tubs

Have time for yourself

Although a hot tub is a great way to be more social, it also provides a fantastic escape away from everyday life.

Many of us work hard and could do with some me time, whether that’s shutting yourself away in the bedroom reading a good book or going for a walk.

A hot tub is also a great way to unwind after a long day. By relaxing in hot water, with the added massaging jets, this can have great for your physical and mental wellbeing. If you are feeling the stress, a hot tub can let your worries melt away.

Something different for your relationship

A hot tub can add a little something different to your relationship. Step away from work and technology; spend the time enjoying each other’s company. Have meaningful conversations, relax and take some needed time to unwind together. You may find that this is a great way to rekindle your relationship, a place to find comfort in and have a little fun in the process.

Fresh air and getting outside

Sometimes we forget the importance of getting fresh air on a daily basis. If you have a job that keeps you inside such as an office job, you need that fresh air! It has tremendous health benefits.

If you decide to have a hot tub outside in your garden, the fresh air can benefit your digestion, blood pressure, heart rate and give you an overall general sense of wellbeing.

Deciding on a family hot tub

It is important that you research into the hot tub providers and manufacturers near you. Have a conversation with a professional, who will be able to talk you through the specifications of the hot tub.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when purchasing a hot tub such as maintenance, size and cost.

Of course, this all depends on your family and needs. But what is great about a hot tub is that is has easy maintenance, especially compared to a swimming pool.

Owning a hot tub also costs less than a swimming pool, as they use less electrical, water and chemical use. The overall service and maintenance is easy to monitor and keep on top of. Also, many hot tubs have a warranty, allowing you to simply lie back and relax.

Do you wish to have a space for pure relaxation, or would you rather have room for a little exercise? Don’t forget that a swim spa may be an ideal choice for your family and lifestyle.

Most importantly, make memories

Owning a hot tub in Cornwall has a lot of benefits, this is your chance to escape with the family and make memories you can cherish.

Want to know more? Contact the team at Cornish Hot Tubs where their friendly team can talk you through the perfect hot tub for your family.

Cornish Hot Tubs

If you’re in Cornwall and looking for a great family hot tub, look no further than Cornish Hot Tubs!

They are a family run business with 18 years of experience, being the largest and most experienced supplier of hot tubs in Cornwall and Devon.

Not only do they provide hot tubs, they also offer swim spas for those who would like more room to swim.

Cornish Hot Tubs gives you the chance to take a “wet test”, offered at Canon Downs to experience the hot tub for yourself.

Happy hot tubbing!

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