Cornish Hot Tubs Range

Holiday Park Renew – 4 Person


4 Seatings position + Captain seat.
1 Jets Pumps, 30 Jets.
16 Amp supply required
FROG System
FULLY HSG282 Compliant

Product Description


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When you purchase a Hot Tub from Cornish Hot Tubs we set you up with everything you need from the start.

All prices included the following:-
The Hot Tub
The Hot Tubs Safety insulated Cover £395
Cover Lifter to assist opening the cover (the type of lifter is determined on Site survey, the price does not change) £295
Two Tier Entry Steps £125
Full Chemical Pack (6 months supply) £80
Standard Delivery and Setup.Subject to Site Survey. Excludes Crane / HiAb Hire. £400

Total of additional items included £1,295

Is the Hot Tub I’m Investing into FIT-FOR-PORPOSE & FULLY HSG282 Compliant?

Does the Hot Tub Turn over the WHOLE VOLUME of water in less than 15 minutes?
Does the Hot Tub circulate & filter the water 24hrs a day?
Does it have a inline chemical feeder as part of the factory design?
Is all the pipework & equipment easily assessable for inspection?
Does the spa seat at least the capacity of the rental? (E.g 6 Person Let = 6 seats in the Hot Tub)
Does the spa have at least 250L of water per bather? (E.g 6 person Hot Tub = Min water capacity 1500L)
Is the max temp of the spa 40c and controllable by the responsible person/maintenance staff only?
Does the Hot Tub have secondary/additional sanitisation (Ozone/US Sanitiser)?
Does the Hot Tub have any ‘dead legs’ such as water features and air blower systems?

We can answer YES to all of the above!


Unlike almost every other hot tub on the market, there is no toxic spray foam insulation used underneath our American Whirlpool hot tubs. Instead American Whirlpool uses a removable layer of insulation called BlueMaax, made from a thermally reflective blanked and a layer recycled cotton fibers that have been treated with a non-toxic fire retardant. It’s environmentally friendly and provides the highest efficiency ratings on the market. We now include Copper reflection foil which provides an infrared insulation barrier. 

BlueMaax insulation provides ease of access for maintenance so you can see everything under your hot tub. The result is a highly efficient energy-saving system that contains the waste heat from the pump motor(s) inside the cabinet. Most other manufacturers have been using old-school toxic spray foam insulation for years, and still use it today. Why? Because it’s inexpensive and easy to manufacture a hot tub that way. As these hot tubs get older, simple maintenance items like seals that begin to leak, will lead to chiseling away the spray foam and ruining an otherwise functioning hot tub – or paying to have it re-sprayed. Very costly for you and the environment. Go Greener with BlueMaax!

BlueMAAX with Copper is standard on all 100 & 200 American Whirlpool Hot Tubs.

On our 400 & 800 series spas with add an additional layer of 3M Thinsulate. 
The triple layering and added Thinsulate from 3M drastically increases heat retention and reduces running costs.

We call this Northern Exposure.

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