hot tub servicing

Get your hot tub serviced by professionals

  • Remove filter(s) and perform visual check of filter condition
  • Check all plumbing including pipe and heater unions and isolation valve connections
  • Check all joint O-rings or gaskets.
  • Check jet body to hot tub shell joints for integrity
  • Run all pumps to ensure satisfactory operation
  • Check operation of system diverter valves, if fitted, and air control operation
  • Check all jets for satisfactory operation
  • Operate air blower, if fitted, and check satisfactory operation. Visually check that all the air injectors are allowing air through.
  • Check visually all equipment interconnecting wiring for integrity and insulation.
  • Check the control system and topside controls for operation of each function. Jet Booster pump(s), Circulation Pump, Air Blower, Filter Cycle setting, Heating capability
  • Deep clean and flush the hot tub plumbing and pipe work system including pump wet end and heater tube. (Spa Flush)
  • Test the hot tub LED and lighting system.
  • Drain water from the hot tub and system.
  • Rinse spa thoroughly, drain and vacuum out excess water from pipe work and jet bodies.
  • Wipe clean Hot Tub shell surface.
  • Refill with clean water to the required operating level.
  • Fit new or cleaned filters into the hot tub skim filter. (Filters used will be customers own pre-cleaned or new – only if purchased
  • Add pH+ or pH- to begin the correction of the pH level to attain a level of 7.2 to 7.4.
  • Add Sanitiser to achieve a level of 2-4ppm (mg/l) Chlorine or 3-5ppm (mg/l) Bromine
  • Check operation of all Spa equipment from the control touch pad. Check operation of the heater and mode functions.
  • Vacuum skimmer and pump suctions fittings.
  • Perform a test of the RCD if available and accessible
  • Wipe down acrylic rim
  • Check tub surround and report any damage
  • Close cover, wipe down and report on cover condition.
Following an Annual Service you will you will receive a report on the condition on the spa and any recommendations of work that needs to be carried out.

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