Water Changes & Water Testing

why and how often should you change your hot tub water?

Whether you own a second home, holiday let or just don’t have the time to manage your spa, we can provide a water change and water testing to suit your needs.

It is recommended you change the water in your spa every 90 days and in commercial setting rental let you are recommended to change the water on every change over.

what's included?

Hot Tub water change

  • draining and flushing out pipework
  • cleaning of acrylic shell, spa surround and cover
  • removing and cleaning of all jets
  • removing and cleaning of filter’s in cleaning solution
  • refilling spa and adding chemicals to balance water chemistry

chemical testing (hot tub water testing)

  • cleaning filters
  • wipe down of spa, spa surround and cover if required
  • testing spa for water hardness, Ph, Alkalinity and sanitiser and adding chemicals if required
  • logging of test results which then are recorded and can be accessed by the customer.

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