The benefits of adding Hot Tub to your holiday park or let!

How does adding a Hot Tub help your business and why should you choose to partner with Cornish Hot Tubs?

Internet Searches per month.

This is just in the UK. Searches include the word Hot Tub or Spa followed by either lodge, log cabin, location.

Cornish Hot Tubs has been supplying Hot Tub to the commercial market in Cornwall since 2001.

Since we ventured into the commercial market we have supplied to many major parks in the southwest and hundreds of small individual Holiday lets.
Including, Hengar Manor, Waterside, Leycroft Valley, Honicombe manor, plus many more

We work alongside some of the major letting companies including
Cornish Gems, Pure Cornwall, Cornish and Devonshire Cottage holidays to name a few.

Over the years we have perfected the product and the support you require.


Over a 10 year Hot Tubslifecycle per hot tub

Return on Investment

According to research, hot tubs are the number one search added criteria at 57% to all researched and booked holidays, the next is swimming pools at just 12%.

It has been found that a hot tub will increase the occupancy rate from an average of 60% per annum to 80% per annum and also increases the average weekly rental cost of accommodation with a hot tub by a minimum of £200 per week.

Taking into account yearly consumables, utility and labour costs, and the cost of the product, the addition of a hot tub will demonstrate a breakeven result within the 1st year and 100% growth in the 2nd year. In addition the contribution to profit by a single hot tub over a 10 year Hot Tubs lifecycle is £45k.

Keeping you HSE compliant 

All product we suggest to the letting market are designed from the ground up to ensure you comply with the current HSG282 guidelines and also to make your life a easy a possible. Less thing to break!

We can train you staff on maintenance and how to look after the Hot Tub water.
Advise on the requirements for testing and record keeping. We supply a full range of Chemicals and test equipment.

Our staff are BISHTA trained and adhere to BISHTA standards.

HSG282 in Brief

If you would like to discuss the options for adding a Hot Tubs to your rental property please contact us.
We are more than happy to visit your site to discuss in person, on the phone or email.

You won’t regret adding a Hot Tub!!