Wonder Flowers Scum Sponge

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Having scum in your hot tub or pool is not fun. Take the scum out of your water today with Paradise Industries' (aka ROLO-CHEM) fun line of oil-absorbing sponges!

Benefits of using the Scumbug, Scum Wonder Flower, or Scum Beach Ball include:

  • Absorbs 40 times its weight (note: not in size!) in body oils and and suntan lotions
  • Devours Scum, Slime, and Grime
  • Improves Filtration
  • Loves pollen

How To Use Scum Sponges:

  • Place SCUMBUG in the pool skimmer (fits all) or free float in spa
  • When one side is scummy, flip over... when saturated, squeeze out, clean (simply rinse thoroughly through and leave to dry before placing back in the spa) and reuse
  • When placed in clean pool or spa SCUMBUG helps to eliminate the formation of a scum line
  • Under normal conditions, SCUMBUG should last an average swim season
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